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Coffee With... Jereme Johnson, DPT, MTC (Functional Dry Needling)

Come enjoy a cup of coffee in Gibson's community room and have a casual Q&A with Jereme Johnson, DPT, MTC, head physical therapist at LOTS.

Jereme will share information about a new technique called functional dry needling (FDN), which is used to treat a variety of injuries from headaches to plantar fasciitis, and everything in between.  FDN employs the use of a solid filament needle to reach targeted pathological tissues in an effort to elicit a “twitch response.” They also have the ability to apply electrical stimulation into the tissues through these planted needles in order to restore the tissues to resting state, restart the healing process in chronically involved tissues and decrease the presence of biochemicals known for increasing pain and perception of pain. 


"Coffee With" is a recurring series where we invite in various topical experts to share their knowledge on the health and wellness issues that matter most to you.  If you have a suggestion for a future Coffee With topic or if you are a local health and wellness expert and would like to participate, please contact us at